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Some of the most important sites of Symi worth visiting are the following:

  • Symi town Castle-Ano Symi
  • Monastery of the Archangel Michael in Panormos
  • The monastery of the Archangel Michael Roukouniotis
  • The church of the prophet Elijah
  • The islet of Nimos
  • "Pontikokastro" near the windmills of Ano Symi
  • The church of PROFITIS ILIAS
  • The church of ST. NEKTARIOS



At Nos beach, in the bay of Nimborios and a bit further away at Pedi beach. In the bay of Panormitis and across on the island of Seskli.


There are two major museums on Symi - the Archaeological/Folkore and the Naval Museum. 

Symi Archaeological & Folklore Museum 
The Archaeological museum of Symi is situated in Chorio and is housed in an old, restored traditional Symiot mansion that belongs to the Hatziagapiditis family. In the museum's pebbled yard there are ancient and Early Christian sculptures on display, as well as urns from various periods. The museum is split into 5 sections (each one dedicated to a different period of time) and presents an archaeological, a Byzantine and a folklore collection. The representation of the inside of a traditional Symiot house with its dinning and living room as well as a collection of local costumes complement the exhibits.

Symi Naval Museum 
The Naval Museum of Symi was establishe in 1983 and in 1990 it was housed in one of the most representative neoclassical houses of Gialos, there where the central shipyard of the island used to be in the past. It preserves part of Symi's brilliant naval history in the form of various exhibits. The museum disposes of a special section dedicated to sponge diving with exhibits such as: diving suits, diving machines for oxygen production, a collection of sponges, diving stones and other equipment that were used in sponge diving, as well as a collection of models of sponge fishing vessels. A visit to the Naval Museum of Symi is a pilgrimage to the naval tradition of the island where through the exhibits the visitor will travel the depths of history and get acquainted with the life of the Symiot fisherman, sailor and merchant.



On Symi island you can moor your boat in Gialos, Nimborio, Pedi, Panormitis and Aghios Aimilianos. In Gialos fuel is available. You can also seek information there about possible repair facilities